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How To Find Joy

Joy is an experience, a momentary choice to open up to receiving. You must allow it to come through. 

Joyous feelings can be found in success, achievements and milestones, but those are often future oriented endeavors. 

The most content, resilient and balanced individuals can find their joy in the now. Joy lies in small pleasures such as the first sip of a morning coffee, or the gentle comfort of the sun’s heat sinking into one’s skin. 

Set the intent to look for joy. Even in mundane, routine moments, not often thought of as pleasurable. when one is present and fully engaged, open and allowing, this can become a moment of joy. There is no resistance. There is no judgement. There is no wanting of else or more or wanting at all. 

The taking of a breath can be a joy, and the accumulation of joy can thus expand into gratitude. 

To say I am not happy because things are hard, is to choose to find that and focus on that. There is always a joy that can also be found. Are you willing? What would happen if for a moment you dropped your current narrative and sought to experience something different? 

If you're waiting for it out there, you'll always be waiting. Find it right here right now. Your joy is right in front of you. Your joy is within you. You carry it wherever you go.

If you would like help to find more joy in your current life, I’d love to hear from you at


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