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A Note About Me:

Hello!  I specialize in a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, perfectionism, self-doubt, relationships, codependency, spiritual guidance and grief. Because I see each person as unique and view problems as different for everyone, I tailor therapy to fit each individual's own needs and desires.  My intention is for you to get what it is you are seeking in the most supportive, thorough, and financially appropriate way possible. There is no other You on this planet, and I don't believe that therapy is a one size fits all approach.

I am clinically trained, yet I take a more holistic mind-body-soul approach to healing using my own inner guidance, talk therapy and somatic techniques. I am also a certified Reiki practitioner and offer energy healing sessions in addition to therapy. I view the things we go through in life as an opportunity for growth towards becoming connected to our inner power.  I help my clients to become aware of, understand, and let go of their pain in order to clear the patterns that keep them stuck.

Because of my former experience in the entertainment industry, I also enjoy working with artists and creative people to help increase their confidence and creative flow by developing a state of being present and grounded .  


I am also a certified Grief Recovery Specialist helping with the transitions and changes we all endure throughout our life journeys.  I run an ongoing Grief Recovery Method workshop with individuals and groups.

Thoughts From Me:

Often we feel alone in our struggles. This can lead to a sense of feeling different, broken or isolated. Sharing our inner world with a therapist can be quite a relief, and a healing experience. A positive connection with a therapist will create a safe place within which you can be your authentic self and be accepted unconditionally. This can help you come to know yourself on a deeper level and to create a sense of meaning and purpose in your life.


When we are more conscious in our lives we are empowered, and when we are empowered we can create the life we truly desire. Awareness is a gift you will give yourself and your relationships for the rest of your life.


When seeking the right therapist for you follow your intuition: who do you connect with and feel most comfortable with? Who would you look forward to seeing weekly?  I welcome you to call me so we can talk more about what you are looking for, and if I am not the right person for you to join you on your journey then I'd love to try to help you to find him or her!


Thank you for your desire to grow and "be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi









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